Class Description

Classes are based around a rotation system where students begin with a warm up, rotate to different apparatuses during their class time, and end with short core conditioning exercises.

When attending classes the student will come to the same class at the same time once a week for the duration of the session.

Xelias Aerial Arts classes include stretching, strength conditioning and aerial skills. Beginning on static trapeze, students learn a progression of skills and at their own pace add other aerial apparatus (lyra, Spanish web, rope, tissu/fabric) as skills advance.

Xelias coaches use hands-on spotting methods to ensure student safety & proper technique.

Age guidelines are in place so our coaches can put into practice age-appropriate teaching methods. However, Xelias Aerial Arts does not place restrictions on the possibilities a student can experience.

Xelias Aerial Arts coaches are committed to treating students as individuals and in creating a nurturing and healthy class atmosphere.

Please note that classes are structured to be taken several times before advancing to the next level to ensure strong technique.


Boot Camp is a 5-day intensive circus course that runs twice each summer. During each 2-hour session, students will explore a variety of aerial apparatuses under instruction, which may include: lyra, corde lisse, Spanish web, fabrics, aerial hammock, and Roman rings. Students will also participate in ground-based disciplines, such as: body balancing, human pyramids, juggling, handstands, and wire-walking. Each session begins with a group stretch, and finishes with ground-based conditioning. Prepare to work up a sweat and build those calluses!


The Strength and Flex course was developed to help improve our students’ aerial technique and endurance without teaching any new “tricks”. A typical class begins with a group warm-up, which varies between cardio, calisthenics, and range of motion exercises. Students are then broken into smaller groups based on skill, strength, and aerial vocabulary. The groups each rotate through trapeze, vertical, and floor-based conditioning exercises, which will differ every week. Class ends with a group stretch, with coaches demonstrating as well as using a hands-on approach to access deeper flexibility. Many of the exercises are encouraged to take home and practice, which will help to extend the experience we provide in the studio space.


In this All Levels class you will work to increase your passive and active range of motion to aid in your aerial training and injury prevention. All levels of flexibility are welcome – from half bridge to chest stand! We will provide tools for your flexibility and strength level with several modifications to accommodate any body. Get strong AND bendy with us!